Why Facebook Messenger Bots Bring High ROI & New Sales


Have you heard of Facebook Messenger bots? If you haven’t, you’re greatly missing out. Just last year, Facebook welcomed bots into their integral process of social networking. Facebook is and will be one of the ever rising social media breakthroughs ever created. With its goal to connect people anywhere in the world, the possibilities of utilizing it with your business are endless. With the rise of messenger bots, you get to communicate with your users that you haven’t ever seen before.


First, let’s tackle how it started. Just last year, with the start of the rise of the bots, it allows businesses and brands to add a wide range of functionalities to Facebook’s messaging app. The big idea is for these bots to take care of processes you usually take care of manually. In a demo conducted by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he made use of sample bots from a news company and an online flower delivery company. The news bot utilizes of your news preferences so it can better suggest articles for you over time while the flower company allows you to create an order for your loved ones using conversational language. How cool is that?


Now that I have you hooked, I’m going to discuss why Messenger bots is an option worth considering.


1. It does the job for you

As an entrepreneur, delegation is always a strong skill you should master. As a rising business person, you need to rely on people around you and in this case, bots. You won’t have to depend blindly on these options, of course. You would have to make sure these delegations are heavily reliant and there’s no other way to make sure than keeping a close eye, always. When you have decided to go with this venture, you should constantly check on its performance. You should also engage in creating different tests before you fully integrate these to your processes.


2) It’s a marketing stunt everybody loves

As futuristic bots might sound, we are always behind and there’s no better time to test it out than now. As these bots start to march toward its reign, you have to march with them as well. With the endless possibilities you can come up with, one must never be late to the party.


3) It’s fun

Strike while the iron is hot, is what they say. It also has a ring of relevance to social media trends which in this case is bots. You know those cafe restaurants in Asia that are served by people in maid costumes? People flock countries like Japan that has the distinct service because it’s a different experience compared to what they usually get. There’s no denying bots and artificial intelligence is the future but while the trend is hot, what’s wrong with riding the wave?