LinkedIn Marketing and Advertising


LinkedIn, to its very core, aims to be a professional social network aiming to connect individuals in a professional setting. With this said, the users are heavily inclined to their interest of company and career news, and even job opportunities as that. Considering this, this audience and set of users is very defined it’s almost a giveaway to marketers. Also, this set of users that are clearly in the social network to connect with present and potential colleagues, are too hard to pass up on given that they have a clear objective when using LinkedIn.


Not only is LinkedIn used by job seekers and professionals, it is also used to generate leads, acquire partnerships, and also aid in improving brand awareness. So with this already mentioned, how do you utilize LinkedIn with your marketing efforts? I will discuss some tips on how to maximize this god-send social networking site.


1. Generate specific customers and connections


With LinkedIn highly specializing in connecting professionals all around the globe, the results of targeted audiences is highly positive. Specific entrepreneurs have the ability to locate their niche by finding similar minded and similar interested people that highly caters to their brand, specifically their products and services. If you are specializing in gardening that’s based in Florida, you can easily be able to locate your market by setting your campaigns to settings that yield the most number of results.


2) Ability to grow your email list organically


This one is easy but time consuming. A message blast can be sent to prospective clients by using specific targeting. Craft an email that directly asks for their email address for your future use — be it for email campaigns, future webinars, and even free trials to services. Apologize for the lack of personalization with the reaching out. They would understand it, though. Simply explain what you messaged them for and make sure you add some sincerity and emotion to your message to prevent from these prospects from burning the potential bridge you are about to cross.


3) Be a part of a discussion


There are countless groups in LinkedIn that are very specific to what people are interested about. Not only should you join these groups, you should also do your part and be proactive in taking part in discussions. Share your knowledge and expect to learn countless in return. You can easily squeeze in your company’s services should there be a call for it. It’s always best to be responsive as it associates it to the sense of community everyone loves. By joining groups, not only can you reach out to the whole group, you can also communicate with the members privately allowing you to open doors and have the ability to turn those doors into brand ambassadors.


An additional yet vital tip: Don’t do hard selling. Ever.


When have you ever used a service that has done hard selling on you? This answer would probably make you think long as hard selling isn’t one of the go-to’s for marketing professionals anymore. Gone are the days of making your products and services the spotlight of the conversation. Hard selling is annoying and a waste of time. Consumers crave for smartly placed advertisements and well thought of campaigns. As a consumer, you already know this as you hate hard selling the most. Don’t be that kind of entrepreneur.