Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing


Your social media is one of the top things consumers rely on when deciding if they should stick (or even try in the first place) with your business. Here’s the scenario: potential client named Sam has been raved on and on by your existing client, Ana. The now excited Sam turns to her phone, flicks her cellular data on, and runs a quick Google search of your brand. Let’s assume you went through the trouble of creating accounts (which is actually a good and detrimental step). She finds your Facebook and Instagram pages to find out that your page has been updated 4 months ago (the idea of saying 4 months felt like a nightmare to me, so this is what I chose).

Sam made a judgement call to not try out your service. As much as she would like to believe Ana, she has to believe in your brand herself. You have made one of the hardest things to pull off in marketing possible: generating word of mouth. You have to come through and nurture the lead, not drop it. It is so easy to send out campaigns and giveaways that are targeted to your audience but it is extremely hard to generate word of mouth as this requires serious planning from your marketing team and the perfect execution to pull it off. Dropping a lead from word of mouth is like not following the formulas you have worked so hard for the previous weeks that were leading up to your big day for your examinations.

What did you do wrong, you ask? And how can you make it better?  I’ve compiled a comprehensive and detailed guide on how you can pull it off.

Content Is King

There are specialists to pull this one make-or-break factor. Sure, you do have a page, but do you have visually appealing and engagement generating content? No, you don’t, and you should be sorry for it. When making and maintaining your social media account, one must put the highest regard to their content, especially if it’s geared toward the young age group. This age group has seen it all and they won’t be easily impressed as they have seen a number of brilliantly executed plans and they won’t lower your standards, especially for a lone brand you can’t pull it off like yours. Make sure your content is not only pleasing to the eyes, they have to be informative as well.

Engage with your Users

Don’t you love it when your favourite brand responds to your comment on their page? I must admit that I do. Just like in real life where people feel valued when given attention, your social media followers feel a tad bit special too when you engage with them. My favourite thing about my top influencer is that he takes his time in responding to his followers, not only thanking them, but also encouraging a real conversation that doesn’t cut you off short. Be genuine when interacting with your market and genuine reactions and conversations are what you get back in return. Not only should you see your followers as sales leads you need to pursue, you should also view them as friends you need to engage with so your relationship value increases over time.

Ain’t nobody got time for that, you say? We do. Social media marketing are one of the top reasons clients reach out to us because we have been proven and tested in the field in discussion. We have a wide range of knowledge and an unapologetic list of clients who have long been with us because of the excellent service we have been providing, and we are not stopping anytime soon. EntrepreNEW Inc., aims to take the responsibility of dealing with these things so you won’t have to. It would be our pleasure to do this for you so you can focus on the things that you have complete control of, and not to mention, the right knowledge to do so like perfecting your products and services.