Why Google My Business is a Gold Mine of Leads


For a smart businessman, it is only wise to do a quick Google search of your own business. Wouldn’t it be a relief to find a Google listing which includes the location, store hours, phone number, and even reviews of your brainchild? This is now possible through Google My Business.

Google My Business is a strong addition to Google’s strong arsenal of helping our local business communities. It aims to effectively organize their brand presence through a joint Google interface.  The aim is for customers to quickly engage through businesses of their choosing. The company discovers and shares companies from a number of different sources – third party contributors, user edits, and business owner information. Google has allocated increased focus on Google Local listing results on mobile making it essential for small businesses to invest time and effort in.

This can also work the other way around. Not only can you research on your own business, you can also do a quick competitor check through the same platform. Quickly can you gather information for businesses around your area that are similar to yours.

Maximizing will not only boost presence, it can also boost sales. Putting your business on the map is the first step to be recognized by the local community. After careful planning with your business plan, it is only right for your business to be known by the local market.

How critical is Google My Business to growing your business? Very. It is the first step any owner should take when starting a new business locally. Wasted your efforts will be by planning a lot of events and social media campaigns if your target market can’t even search where your store is.

EntrepreNEW Inc. has helped a long list of local businesses be recognized to its market. We utilize resources that are perfect to your needs and specifications. We have always supported local and this is our way of helping the community out. We are located in Wellington and we also serve neighboring cities in Palm Beach County.