The Power of Video Marketing


You are a witness to this and not only that, you are a living testament. You’ve observed yourself scrolling through Facebook and you have always chosen on going for visual posts instead of the lengthy wordy ones. People would always go with visuals over text heavy. Why? It’s easy. It’s more convenient for knowledge and information to be served to you at a fashion you won’t have to exert a lot of effort to. People always lean toward something that’s easy to digest rather than spend a lot of time taking the effort to read through the information that is served to them.

You have also seen viral videos that made you tear up a lot and you won’t apologize for it. As a marketer, not only were you engaged with the content, you would also like to come up with your own to establish your own brand.

How do you create a brilliant video marketing plan, you ask?

Drive Your Point Home

One of the tried and tested ways on how to engage your clients is through plucking through their emotions. You have seen a number of ads and campaigns targeted to engage through playing with their market’s emotions — either through tying it to their relationships or even putting the actor in the video in the user’s shoes. With Mother’s Day nearing, a local fast food chain might play and toggle with their market’s emotions by showcasing videos that puncture and touch hearts.

Visuals Win

You have the right idea but in order for it to be successful, you would have to execute it brilliantly. Imagine yourself as a homegrown cupcakery business in your local town that’s been around for decades. Generations have come to your store to join you in in their family celebrations. You can play with this idea by creating a video that will capture all these emotions, hopefully in 1080P. To start, you can initiate the video by having a child eating one of your delicious cupcakes wishing she can have more to share with her friends and family on her birthday. You present your products with visual perfection and you just hit the right spot. You can end the video with the birthday celebration with the little girl’s friends and family surrounding her, enjoying your luscious cupcakes.

Sounds like a lot of work? EntrepreNEW Inc., is your best bet to pull things off like these. We are located in Wellington and have done a number of successful video marketing entries can you can’t say no to.