The Importance Of Email Marketing, Collecting Emails, and Which Software To Use


Email marketing is one of the most effective tools you can utilize while journeying the online marketing world. Imagine this: you’re leading the usual 9-5 job and you wake up at 7. What’s the first thing you do? The usual answer is you check your phone to get some updates from the time that have passed. You probably will also check your email to be updated with what happened at work. You’re stuck in traffic and again you check your email. You get to work and of course, you check your email. Your email inbox is one of the most frequented by working professionals and as marketers, we should maximize this opportunity.


When sending out email campaigns, it’s expected to get permission to who you’re sending it to. You don’t just barge into someone’s house and expect them to welcome you with open arms, do you? When building your email list, it’s good practice to set parameters on how it will be. It’s best when you as a marketer know what your boundaries are and it’s also right for a recipient to know what they can expect.


When you have started to build your email list, you can now move on and learn the numbers game. As a marketer, you need to have your goals and a plan on how to reach it. If you have email marketing as one of your ways to reach this goal, you need to know your expectations and what other actions you can help to reach this said goal.


And now you have a sizeable list, it’s good to have a follow-up email from the initial one you just sent out after successfully getting one lead. A detailed one is always favored over a lightweight one that almost doesn’t get conversions. But if you are able to pull off the best qualities of both worlds, short and detailed, then I tip my hat to you.


Let’s move on to the next which is crafting your emails specifically to your desired audience. You would need to work on relevant knowledge that appeals to your market. If you stick with email campaigns that contain information that doesn’t really matter to your clients, consider your efforts futile.


When creating these email campaigns, you need reliable software that can help you get through the job. I’m going to list some of my favorites.


1. MailChimp

MailChimp has always been a favorite of mine because it lets you make your own campaigns in a breeze. Its friendly user interface is a huge factor when it comes to helping out self-sufficient small businesses that want to test the waters with email marketing. You also have the ability to quickly customize your email list to your own liking, letting you create groups targeted specifically to client characteristics.


2) GetResponse

GetResponse is a clever wordplay on email marketing. GetResponse on the first look is an easily customizable email marketing software that can help you reach your customers at a fraction of a cost without spending another dime on futile marketing efforts. My favorite feature from GetResponse is the ability to track your campaign after it gets sent out. You can easily get to access how well your campaign is currently doing and will be doing, based on historical data.


With email marketing as one of the most effective marketing efforts, there’s no denying that you definitely should go give it a try, if not fully plunge yourself to it. And when you don’t have the bandwidth to deal with it, let EntrepreNEW Inc., take care of it so that you don’t have to.