Top Web Hosting Companies to Use


A quick Google search will let you know that web hosting is the ability to provide storage and access to websites. Think of a website as a brain that has a ton of information stored — that needs to go somewhere. This is where web hosting comes to the picture.


Web hosting works on fast fiber optic connections that fuse web server to global servers that are called internet service providers or ISPs. For a website to be accessed by internet users, there is a need to host it with companies that are equipped with web servers. There are two types of servers — servers that are solely made for specific sites (which can be costly) and servers that are shared by several users and sites. Be careful when selecting hosting services as this will play greatly on the outcomes and performance of your website.


There are different types of web hosting you can go with such as free, shared, managed, dedicated and even cloud based hosting. Free web hosting is ideal for startup businesses that want to take the initial of going out there and making their presence known to the online world.


Shared web hosting is recommended best for small business networks. Developers have the ability to host an unlimited number of domains within a shared account. They can most certainly move them to servers if traffic increases. The main advantage of going with shared hosting is its low cost but the biggest con is its little control over your hosting.  A recommended shared web hosting company is HostGator. It’s widely used among small businesses alike. For $7 or less, you can start on showcasing your website to the world.


As for a virtual private server, you would have the luxury of more control compared to shared hosting. It may not be ideal for most business because of the higher cost and technicalities involved. This option puts the best of both worlds from shared hosting and dedicated hosting services.  A top option is HostGator. It’s a heavily reliable service that offers a plethora of options for users.