How to Deal with Bad Online Reviews


When a person starts an online or offline traditional business they invest their time, money and all their worth thus they only expect to give the best to their customers however one can’t control the reviews of a client especially because you don’t know what they are experiencing when they decide to buy something from you. Customers give negative review out of frustrations caused by different factors but business owners need to know that this is not a new trend and that doesn’t affect your sales so much if you have other positive review.

Ask yourself ‘is answering it important?’

Check the language used carefully because keen people can read the feelings of the customer at the time of commenting. There are times when due to frustrations everything irritates them when you spot irritation from outside forces its best to ignore. In addition, frequent complainants and complaints that are beyond control should be ignored.

Study and follow the rules of the site for companies

Invasion of privacy, clients attacks and swearing is mostly forbidden. There are rules governing reviewers that you should read on the particular site as this will help you know whether by giving a negative review you break their rules. 

Ask for wrong and unrealistic reviews to be removed

In the event of suspicious review that could for example be from a competitor or better yet it doesn’t follow the set rules of the site (example contains profanity, character defamation, or invasion of privacy) you can contact the site asking for it to be removed. However, this is your personal assessment that the site may reject/disagree with or they can take time to remove it even though they may agree with you. Therefore you can follow the later steps.

Acknowledge the customer’s perspective

Though the negative review may be unfair, unjust and untrue try to understand the customer’s perspective then find out at their level why they posted the review. Could you be at fault in his/her view thus making them justified to give the negative review. Bottom line you need a successful outcome so be read to do anything and make necessary corrections too so that it doesn’t happen again.

Answer publicly

Once you have privately communicated with the client, it is usually best to publicly post a message that acknowledges the issue while describing what you have done to solve it. Eventually this will boost your client’s confidence in your business as well as make a reputation for you as one who reads feedbacks.

Be practically humble and positive always

Your reputation is essential to the business as much as negative review is harmful to your business therefore being overly arrogant and hostile is even worse. Ensure you maintain professionalism at all times by dealing with the issue of concern rather than venturing in character defamative comments both publicly and privately because any comments you make privately can be made public.

Learn and continue

Negative reviews aren’t always bad sometimes they highlight hidden issues of concern in your business. If your goal is to achieve excellence pick the learning points from the review and move on. However if you feel that the review is negatively unjust, remember;

  • The response you give can help you maintain the customers you so desire
  • There are definitely many review and customers read a number before making a decision

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