The Best Webinar Softwares to Use


A webinar in its simplest sense is a seminar conducted online. A key highlight that sets it apart is its ability to be an interactive discussion among participants wherever you are in the world. One notable webinar I’ve joined from before was a discussion about online marketing and how it can drive up sales once you have mastered the skill of utilizing it according to your needs. I was able to download the webinar for later viewing whenever I need a refresher of the knowledge I was able to learn in that seminar. Another perk of conducting seminars online is the ability to quickly share files such as documents, presentations, audio and links that are supplementary to the learning process.


There are many ways on how to utilize a webinar such as disseminating information by teaching an online course, conducting an online panel discussion, host events, or even train employees. Really, the possibilities are endless. Investing in a webinar software is a no-brainer for your business with all the possibilities you can explore. Business owners have constantly named webinars as a “useful and must have tool” for their businesses.


Webinar softwares are usually accessible through personal computers, smart phones, and tablets. A good webinar software must have the following features: presenter tools which makes presenting a breeze, moderator options, and webinar features that are geared towards improving user experience. A good webinar software must also be reliable when it comes to security, integrations, and necessary downloads.


Let’s start with the list, shall we?


1. Google+ Hangouts


Google+ Hangouts is one of the best webinar softwares out there. The feature I like best about it is it supports video calling and chat functionality. And easy access is guaranteed as you would only have to create Google+ account. This platform lets you hold interactive meetings, workshops, and presentations. However, it isn’t really the most ideal when it comes to holding big-group webinars as it only supports 10 people in one session. My favorite is its power to stream straight to your attached YouTube channel or media. You don’t also have to deal with downloading the whole video as it has a feature to directly upload it to Youtube right after. And have I mentioned it’s free?


2) GoToWebinar


Another go to software for webinars for me that is a clear cut above the rest is GoToWebinar, which is from the same developers of GoToMeeting. Some of its notable features include full process attendee registration, ability to conduct polls and surveys, initializing sharing of content. It also has the ability to create customized registration forms. My favorite amongst all is its powerful ability to do HD video recording. Have I mentioned it’s at an affordable price point?


3) Cisco WebEx


If you want an all too powerful tool that doesn’t just take care of your webinar software needs, WebEx is the right software for you. Not only can you disseminate your information through webinars but you can also take care of other online marketing processes with the help of this software. You also have the ability to track the registrations from your event and lead generation tools are also available. There are also countless customization features for your webinars. For $79/month, you can be able to hold webinars up to 100 attendees.


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