Which Landing Page Software Should You Choose? ClickFunnels vs Instapage


You made it. You have decided on which business to venture out on, gathered the troops to make the dream happen, and you’re starting to gain a decent following. But of course, you shouldn’t stop at that. To stop chasing equates to being stagnant which can lead to a sudden decline. You need to constantly look for ways to make sure there’s a steady flow of new leads you can nurture.


You’ve seen a number of these of you’ve seen them everyday. Enticing posts such as giveaways or an informational blog post that can help you with your daily routine. They often lead to a landing page that usually calls for an action after being baited on the former page.


A landing page isn’t a trick if you’re a consumer. You usually get something in return for giving out something like your email. There are two different types of landing pages: click throughs and lead generation landing pages. A click through, as the name implies, is a gateway that ultimately leads you to a purchasing decision. An objective of a click through is to “warm you up” so you can be ready and be more informed and excited with the product and service you are about to acquire. As a lead generation landing page, the goal is to acquire and harvest user information that allows you to connect with the prospect in the future. Lead generation landing pages are such but not limited to ebook access, free webinar sign up, free trial, and a physical gift.


Two great landing page softwares are Instapage and ClickFunnels. Which should you choose?


For people who are looking for an encompassing tool that’s powerful enough to create, manage and optimize your sales funnel, the answer is ClickFunnels. As a well rounded service, they take care of your sales funnel from acquiring leads and sending customized emails. With ClickFunnels, you won’t have to deal with a lot of applications because they have it all in their arsenal ready for your disposal. They have a long list of features but the con is that that’s it: they have a list but you can’t really tweak on it a lot.


Instapage is created mainly for the purpose of creating, testing, and optimizing landing pages and for a software, it really does the job. As a landing page builder, it has a beginner friendly drag-and-drop UI. It also has over a hundred of landing page templates you can choose from and the possibilities are endless. As an intermediate internet market with decent knowledge for coding, Instapage is also a wonderland when it comes to designing your own landing page as you can tweak it with HTML, Javascript, and CSS.


Landing pages shouldn’t be a problem if you have a reliable team with a watchful eye under your belt. EntrepreNEW Inc., has done tons of landing pages with their history of successful clients. Our dedicated team always puts your best interest in mind when creating tasks for you so you can focus on what really matters.