The Best Time to Post On Your Social Media Profiles and Business Pages



Social media has now been playing an important role in advertising and marketing products. At present, it’s the most powerful tool to get your company in the market. Having invested in social media without planning strategically, this will lead your company to the abyss or will lead to self destruction. Business pages are just as powerful as social media profiles because it’s the virtual representation of your company. It will reflect the vision and your company as a whole.


So when is the best time to post on your social media profiles and business pages?


You have to carefully examine the factors that determine the best time in posting to social media and business pages, such as the time zone of your target customers, when is the web traffic higher or when is the time when a lot of people are busy wandering in the internet, and when’s time where a lot of people visit the biggest social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google.


Determining the time zone alone will be a huge challenge if your customers are around the globe. It’s timing nuances like these that make finding the perfect times to post even harder. Google Analytics will be your friend in understanding the time zone and determining the perfect time to post if your customers are from around the world. You may also determine the perfect time by checking the web traffic on your website and checking when has the highest traffic.


While determining the time zone will exhaust you, Facebook has made it easier for organizations and businesses to determine when is the time where most of their viewers are online. According to Facebook Analytics, you may find the it right in your brand’s page in Facebook, go to Insights and click on Posts to see the data of when your viewers are online. Facebook also features a “karma” section. This tool helps you track several different key performance indicators of your Facebook pages. Finding the best time to reach your unique audience is one of them.


Other social media websites such as Twitter will have different circumstances. The best day to tweet depends on whether you are business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C). If you’re B2B, you’ll do better tweeting during the workweek, getting more more engagement than on weekends. However, individuals tend to interact with Twitter more on weekends, so if you’re B2C, you’ll definitely want to be tweeting on the weekends, too.


There’s actually 20 studies that were conducted by CoSchedule alone to determine the best time to post in Social Media. This just prove that determining the best time to post to social media and business pages are important in planning your marketing strategy. This will also amplify the success rate of your advertisements because there will be twice more audience than posting in a different time where the web traffic is low.