Why It’s Important To Get Your Business Ranked in Google



Search engine optimization is one of the most effective strategies of inbound marketing because search engines are used everyday by billions of people around the world. What search engine should you invest for? Google.


Google is the most used search engine in the world, creating the phrase “to search is to google”. They have more than 90% of the market in much of the world. Google’s dominance in the vital and lucrative business of searching the internet is clear.


Google shows 10 results on the first page when someone searches for any specific terms. The results are based on a number of issues like the Page Ranks, relevant information, back links and so on. So, if you can top on the first page of Google results, it can be an excellent opportunity for you and your business. Remember though that getting to the top is only half the battle: staying on top is equally as hard.


Why would you want to be ranked on the top by Google? Because the top position gets more traffic. A lot of people would choose the top link because being in the top position means that link contains the closest information to what they are looking for.


Being on the top of Google’s list would increase your business authenticity. It is also proven that web visitors think the first few websites of the search result pages as more authentic in their relevant industry. It is basically a psychological game that gives you the advantage. But, being op top may become quite difficult if you have enormous competitors. So whether yours is a large business or a small local business, better ranking surely increases the authenticity of your business.


It will also create a better image for your business because being on top creates a positive impression that your business is authentic and the most visited website. Having this in mind, this will pressure you into staying on the top list of Google, which is a good thing because it will make you more driven and focused in achieving your goals for your company.


Being on top of the list will also reduce your cost for paid advertisements because it will generate organic web traffic. You won’t need to invest more in paid web traffic because of the organic web traffic from being on top of the list of Google.


That’s why being ranked by Google is important and SEO is critical to growth. It will definitely help you in boosting your company, by generating organic web traffic to cutting the cost of your advertisements. Being ranked by Google is a challenge that every business owner should accept, and by accepting this challenge, they are set up to achieving the success that they wanted.