Online Marketing Strategies for your Business


The internet started way too distant from what we use it for today. It started as a US government project called ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) in 1958. The goal was to connect computer sites in the country with one another so if an unfortunate event such as a nuclear explosion unfolds in/near one, the other remains unharmed. It started to mutate to the internet that we know today when Tim-Barners Lee invented the world wide web.

Fast forward to the technological year of 2017, we use it to market businesses – aiming to reach niche markets no one has ever dared thinking back in the day. Online marketing has long been a bandwagon you should have accepted. If you’re not a believer yet, I suggest you convert – fast.

There are a different avenues to tackle the online marketing head on. Let’s get started, shall we?

Social Media Marketing

You’ve probably heard of this – hell, even seen this. It’s all over your social media apps. You’ve seen the viral video of a beer company trying to take on cultural differences by sharing conversations over cold cans of beer. It’s genius. And you can create one for yourself, too. Your company can take on the internet by storm through social media with the right platform. What works for another company may not be applicable for you and so it is very important that market research is conducted so the right avenues get penetrated with your service. It is also recommended that you champion a small number of platforms instead of focusing your energy to a lot. This tactic will help you gather your resources and help you reach your market faster and easier at a lower cost.

Email Marketing

This avenue is a perfect opportunity to widen your horizons through reaching your market at the lowest cost possible. While you may be able to reach your market through social media posts, it’s getting harder to do so with the recent algorithm changes these companies have launched which focus on paid ads. Why is email marketing important and easy? A person starts his day with coffee and guess what the other thing is? Email. They jump start their days by getting caught up with the recent happenings by engaging in their emails. This gives you an opportunity to connect to your target market at a fraction of a cost. Of course, your content would have to be click-worthy and engaging.

Build A Website

The hardest part of this avenue is getting it up and running. The planning stage and the setting up is the most crucial but once it’s there, you can let it run its course. Of course, you can’t have a stagnant website. Make sure all content is up to date — from inventory to blog posts. A website is one of the most reliable source of information from a client’s perspective. A website’s main goal is to educate the market of what your company can do for them. This is accomplished by showcasing your products and your ideologies through your website.

An extra tip: Personal Branding

Before building your brand, it is worthy to brand yourself first. This gives you an opportunity to market yourself before your brand. Also worth mentioning is that when you have personal branding, it is easier to reach out to person of interests in the field you are planning to enter. Instead of feeling like you’re walking in the dark, these people would instantly have an idea of who you are and what you do.

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