Questions to Ask When Choosing the Right Social Media Channels for Your Business


Which ones are your social media goals?
This is the question you should ask yourself in the first place, because each channel is known to have a different outcome. If you want to increase brand awareness or if you aim for lead improvement, you should not consider competing with Facebook. If you indeed aim for a connection with different professionals, you should definitely have in mind websites like LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Which ones are the channels your audience uses?

Asking yourself this question, might facilitate the outcome. If what you have in mind is Millennials as an audience, you should pay particular attention to Snapchat.

If your target audience is composed of women, Pinterest would be the best decision. It would be a waste of time to invest your resources on a channel for an audience that would not go there. The perfect place for researching all these data is the Pew Research Center. Using this center will allow you to talk directly to the audience.

What are the criteria used by your competitors?

Researching and looking at the channels where your competence is, is as important as studying the websites your audience accesses. By giving it a lot of time and study you will determine which one of strategy will work and which one will not. Buzzsumo and Brandwatch Analytics will show you your competitor’s performance on social networks.

What kind of posts do you want to write?

There is a different type of channel for every kind of content you want to create. If you want to create something that contains papers that target businesses, the perfect choice for you would be LinkedIn. If what you have in mind is visual art, or visual content in general, then you should definitely go for Tumblr, or Pinterest.
To sum this up, you should find the perfect balance between your passions and the type of content perfect for your audience.

What kind of channels emerge and diminish?

The perfect thing to do is to not invest resources in something that is starting to fade away. Do not invest in Vine, or Google+ related content, since this story is going to come to an end.
A different approach, the best thing to do in this situation is to invest in a channel that has not yet become viral. By doing this, your competition will be a step behind you. To make this a little bit clearer, just take a look at Whatsapp and Snapchat – which are on top of the list.  EntrepreNEW Inc is here to help you to choosing the right social media channels for your business. Contact us today and get Professional help.