Top Things to Look for in a SEO Company


Imagine this: you are a local mom and pop shop with an established and trustworthy reputation among your peers and more importantly, your town. Your town is slowly climbing its way up the tourism ladder because of the beach nearby and you would like the tourists to know about your brand. What do you do?

You need to seriously consider investing in a good and trustworthy SEO company that can drive up your search visibility. Let’s get to the basics. First, let’s define what SEO is. SEO is short for search engine optimization. The goal is to top web engine results through organic and natural means of good and relatable content.

When looking for an SEO company your brand should work with, here are the most important:


Secret recipes are a fantasy you should run away from, and fast. When asking your SEO company on how they can attain your agreed on goals, they should have a tangible and solid plan on how they plan to execute it. When they mention they would do some of their magic and abracadabra, run away. These are the types of companies you shouldn’t be doing business with. Plans are essential to carry on and not discussing it should raise a red flag that should basically incline you to stay away from doing business with them. The plan should consist of a timeline and their step by step procedure on how they propose on achieving your goals.

Focusing on Goals that Matter

SEO isn’t just all about search page rankings. When making goals, make sure to have a good sit down to determine what your top priorities are. Some of the most notable include driving revenue up, boost in app sign ups and trials, and even making the user experience better for your clients. Make sure that the goals you set are actually attainable and are not just dreamy numbers you pulled out of thin air. Not only should the SEO company be transparent with you, you should also be transparent in return as well. Inform your team of your ins and outs, your nooks and your crannies, so they too, won’t be blindsided of events that might unfold while in the process.


An ideal company must not only know how to deliver results, they must also be able to identify when these efforts will bear fruit. When looking for an SEO company to work with, set a timeline and make sure they are met. Getting a company to trust is easy but getting a company you can trust through their efficiency and success is someone you shouldn’t ever let go of.


A quick Google search of “best SEO company in city” isn’t the best way to locate the company to trust. As I’ve mentioned before, a lot of companies use the secret recipe method that we, as consumers, do not know nothing about. What’s stopping them to use in on themselves? One of the best ways to locate the perfect service is by asking around. You are a local business and getting in touch with other local businesses won’t be such big of a problem. Ask for their recommendations and gather them. An ideal potential list would contain 5 companies. Once you have your list, have a sit down with them and discuss. This project is a partnership, and is not based on individual efforts. As a client, it is your right to be educated of the methods they would try for your business’ visibility to increase.

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