Using Facebook Live for Businesses

People now are undeniably spending a lot of time watching videos online and even getting ideas from different businesses and sources. With this, Facebook launched “Facebook Live” last May of 2016 and slowly the several businesses noticed that importance of the feature to their products and services.

Facebook live connects your clients tour respective business through video and once your video started streaming live, it remains on the site so that your clients can still watch and leave their reactions later on. They can also share the video to their family and friends that can also be a way to increase its reach.

There are three great ways that your business could use Facebook live, and these are:

  • Behind the scenes content – Wouldn’t it be great if your clients know what is happening behind your business? You should be ready to let your clients see your manufacturing process, daily operations and anything that you are comfortable sharing. You should show your clients what is unique in your business that they don’t even have to check other another business.
  • Provides Daily Updates – Through Facebook live, you can share daily updates, helpful hints, advices and other tops. Most of the time, these type of live streaming are being used by coaches, advisers, bloggers wherein they could provide real time tips and information to their viewers.
  • Live streamed Events – If your business hosts conferences or events, live streaming the said event is one of the greatest ways to engage with your clients and followers. If you have a lot of followers who want to attend the event but cannot afford to, they could always have the live streaming sessions.

Facebook live can be edited and you can key-in your own engaging descriptions. You should start by creating a good headline for your video. Since this will be streamed in your user’s newsfeeds, it is best that it should grab their attention while reflecting what is in your video, so viewers can see what they expect once they click your link. What is also good about it is you can choose your audience for your video. If you have grouped your audience into several categories, you can select who will view your video or you may also allow it to be seen by everyone. When the video plays on Facebook, you will see a constant stream that indicates the number of viewers watching your video. You have to be sure that you invite viewers to subscribe to your videos as it can ensure that your video appear in your audience’s newsfeed any time you make a new video. Once your live video is completed, it will be saved to your Facebook account just like a regular video. You can still edit your video’s title as well as the description.

There are about 1 billion users around the world and Facebook remains the world’s most influential social media platform and Facebook Live brings that additional influence to a whole level by continuously improving the power of Facebook Live.