Top Reasons Potential Customers Can’t Find You on Google or Anywhere Else

You’re doing your job: perfecting your products and services and yet your market reach still remains limited. It isn’t your fault. Not entirely. You didn’t know you had to do invest in one last thing on top of your business operations. You have to make yourself visible online. You have always leaned towards old school marketing — fliers, holding out events for your local community. While this yields results, it yields limited results. The question now is, what does it take to widen your reach and how do you do it. It’s simple, actually, and you would have to hate yourself for a moment for not figuring out something so simple. Ready? You need to increase online visibility.

First problem, you’re not listed on Google My Business. Google My Business is a quick and easy tool to let the internet know you exist. A quick Google search when associated with Google My Business will generate your profile online which includes top photos, your location, your store hours, and even some handy reviews from your customers — the good and the bad. This promotes transparency for your brand which is a good thing. Imagine your potential hearing about your business through word of mouth and interested that he is, he runs a quick Google search about it only to close the search tab empty handed because he didn’t find anything. This shies him away from trying out your service because seldom do you stumble upon businesses without online presence.

Based on experience, running a quick Google search on your business should show a basic Google My Business placement and even the basic Facebook like page you can easily maintain from the comfort of your home. You can also easily create a simple website wherein you can showcase your products and services for the whole world to see.

Maintaining a Facebook page is easy as 1-2-3. Creating a page is the easiest and fastest as you would only have to sign up for the service and you’re good to go. What’s kind of challenging is maintaining it and driving up engagement with your current and future clients.

EntrepreNEW Inc can help you reach your online visibility goals. We offer a range of products that are tailor fit to your needs.