Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses on a Budget


You have an excellent range of products and services but it seems that nobody knows about it. This is an all-too-known situation for businesses that just started and you’re not in this alone. Everybody has gone through it and like everybody that did, you too can get out of it. There are a number of tips that can help out local businesses be more present in their market.

Build Your Social Media Presence

Seldom do you see people not glued to their gadgets’ screens everywhere, for all ages, at that matter. Kids start it young by playing apps to pass the time, teens are addicted to it for their friends on social media and adults are glued to it to be updated with their project progress and job updates. You can penetrate every market you can think of with social media, you see.

There are different platforms you can start with but the easiest would be Facebook. A huge number of the population is on Facebook making it the wisest option amongst the bunch. With its targeted ads, you can make yourself visible to people that matter — your intended niche. Gone are the days of spending on reach that are not for people you actually intend to reach. With the right mindset, you can also execute excellently planned campaigns that can drive engagement and visibility for your brand which potentially could boost sales.

Not only is Facebook easy, you can also choose Instagram for your marketing needs. This social media platform is a jackpot when it comes to audience reach. It aims to please your current and potential market through showcasing your products and idea of your products visually. Carefully and creatively created Instagram feeds are to die for.

Generate Views Through Irresistible Online Deals

There are a number of ways to drive engagements and one of the tried and tested, fool-proof solution is to hold out online contests. This not only aims to generate user-generated content, one thing this also can hold true is its reach to your market and potential customers. Though these user-generated content, it lessens the load to your social media manager to gather content for your social media profiles. One detrimental tip though: do not forget to ask permission when posting these things.

You can start off by giving away something your users would want and of course, will benefit your brand. What else should it be than give away your services and products for free? This will cut off costs because you would have to provide the prizes instead of purchasing them from other merchants. Next step is to determine how you would like to execute the giveaway. Would you like your users to tell you how they can potentially benefit from your product (given that they haven’t tried it yet) or would you like to reward your current users by generating feedback from them? There are a number of creative ways to pull this off given the right team to help you through it.

You can also consider making themed giveaways — would you like to run it over the holidays or is your product a perfect fit for a Mother’s Day celebration? Also important when planning such a giveaway: make sure your timeline is at the sweet spot. Don’t make it too short or too long. Lastly, publicly announce your winner so people would know that your brand sticks to its word. Other brands make such a big fuss about a giveaway they won’t give away in the first place. Others go the extra mile by even coming up with decoy winners.

EntrepreNEW Inc. can help you with your social media marketing needs. We have a team of friendly experts ready to pull off and guid you through your crazy ideas. We make sure we take in your ideas — or not, however you want it, actually. We service areas in Palm Beach County but Wellington is our home court. We love growing local brands and you should, too.