How To Use Hashtags To Reach New Customers


One of the most effective tools you can use when marketing your products and services is a hashtag.  Use it strategically and it will work for you.  It will make you more discoverable and you will get the targeted audience that you are looking for, all across your social media accounts.

Hashtags are particular tweets that allow anyone using them to join in discussions and contribute to the conversations.  Therefore it is important to be creative with the words and phrases you use as hashtags.

A hashtag is a symbol # that is used to represent a metadata tag.  This is followed immediately by a word or phrase which is used to reach audience that is targeted.  An efficient way to spread word of your brand.

The hashtag tells people that these tweets are trending and the subject matter for that time or day.  Shows people where a particular subject is being discussed.

There are different types of hashtags

This most popular being the trending hashtag This is a topic that is being focused on in that instant moment or day.  Often in Google+ and Twitter, there is a list of the trending hashtags for that day and you can choose which one you want to take advantage of to call attention to your brand.  This is used by hiding behind the hashtag, you use this in all your tweets.  A point to be noted however, is that you should make you content relevant to the trend, otherwise Tweeter will close your account and label your account as spam.

Have a keen eye on noticing the trends as this will help you know which ones are helpful for you to ride on.  Trending hashtags are extremely popular and you want to take advantage of such golden moments.

Brand hashtag is the other form.  Use this to market your brand.  Search for a unique phrase or name to avoid duplication with other hashtags.  Make it memorable and catchy. Always use this hashtag in line with your company’s hashtag so that you can easy be found by those looking for you or your products.

Content and product hashtag, as the name holds, stands for the product or content of your brand.  They are used for specific products and contents of your tweet posts or posts.  People who are searching for products and content will find you.  How exciting it is when you find new people who just happen to have stumbled on your product or content as they were doing their own searches.

Use them regularly as they are very helpful.  They are seen by a greater audience on search engines.  Anyone can find you.

Use Campaign hashtags whenever you have a campaign for your product or services, ensure to use this type of hashtag.  Label it appropriately and uniquely. Advertise all your sales campaigns that you are currently working on.  Between you and your followers, this is a great way to go.

When your followers know this hashtag, they will always go for it whenever they require your products so ensure you always update your campaigns and product information.


We have seen that hashtag marketing, when done well and is appropriated in the right manner, can greatly boost your business and your brand

Remember to be unique whenever you are coining this names and phrases.  Also avoid duplication of names be creative not just with names and phrases but also with your content.  It makes all the difference.

Do not be left behind in marketing your products and services.  Delve in deeper into the digital space and convert your followers into customers for your brand.  Stand up and be found through your hashtag, be it campaign, brand or the tending. You need help?  We at EntrepreNEW Inc. can help your dream come true.  Your problem is our call.