How to Deal with Bad Online Customer Reviews


Many business owners feel upset or angry when they read a negative review. It is important not to respond to a criticism before it has cooled down.

Decide if it’s worth answering

Some negative comments are not worth thinking about. If they are posted by someone whose language and opinions are clearly irrational, or who is a “frequent complainant”, it is best to ignore them. Similarly, if a critic is on someone’s obscure personal blog, and it’s obviously unfair, you may decide not to respond.

Read and follow the rules of the site for companies

Most sites prohibit swearing, personal attacks and invasions of privacy. But there may also be rules for answers that are not as obvious (for example, many sites prohibit advertising, ALL CAPS and links in answers). Be sure to read the site rules that apply to you. Each site also has rules for reviewers, and you should read this to help decide if a negative review breaks their rules.

Requesting false or inappropriate evaluations to delete

If you believe that a review is false or malicious (for example, has been posted by a competitor), or breaks the site rules (for example, contains desecration, personal attacks or private information), contact Site and request that it be deleted. However, be aware that the site may not agree with your assessment, or maybe slow to remove an evaluation even if they accept. Therefore, you can still implement some of the other steps below.

Understanding the customer’s point of view

Even if you do not agree with a negative review, try to understand why the client posted it and what they feel.

For example, if someone tried to call your hairdresser all week, but your phones have malfunctioned, then there is a small mix with their booking time, they are likely to be much more negative on The mixture. You have to understand the client’s feelings, not just the facts, if you want a successful outcome.

Answer publicly

Once you have privately communicated with the client, it is usually best to post a public message acknowledging the concern and describing what you have done to solve it. This will increase your reputation with many readers, who can see that you respond to comments. If the complainant asks you to reply, you may want to post a public comment so that other readers may know that you have tried to take positive steps.

Be polite and constructive at all times

A negative review is not good for your business, but a rude, aggressive or creepy response on your part could possibly damage your reputation even more. When you respond publicly, be polite and professional at all times. Treat the problem that has been raised and never resort to personal insults or comments. The same applies to private responses. Remember, a customer can easily take your private answer and post it online too.

Learn and continue

Successful business people learn negative criticism, improve their business if necessary, and then move on to something else. Try to use each negative evaluation as a chance to learn something new. If you think a review is really unfair, remember:

Your answer can improve your position with customers

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