Consider Email Marketing to Grow Your Business


With the high numbers of competition in today’s modern world, social media marketers need to exceed more when it comes to delivering a great management of their business. One of the factors that would make a business successful is to have a consistent connection with their audience in a personalized way.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business since you can reach a big number of people for a very minimal cost. Aside from that, you can send a variety of content without any limit. However, you cannot just send out emails telling people about your products and services because there is a possibility that your email can be added to the spam filter. With that, a very good email marketing strategy is needed.

Here are some of the email marketing tips that can help you grow your business.

  • Make Referral Rewards – Advertising is a great method but the word of mouth grows your business because it can go the farthest and people usually trust their friends feedback and will take their recommendations most of the time. With this, offer your current customers with referral bonus or rewards via email and see your business grow. You get more business and your loyal customers are being rewarded for referring people.
  • Create a Contest – Running a contest is an awesome way to engage your audience. Be sure that you offer a prize that is valuable enough to gain participants. Otherwise, your email will just be ignored. You could create social media contest where each post about your products and services on social media can earn an entry. You could also do a raffle wherein they should fill out a form with their details for them to be qualified. There are a lot of ways in creating a contest just be sure to be creative too in making one.
  • Think of a good Hashtag and start a social media group or conversation – Create a social media group and take the conversation beyond email by using a good hashtag and offering social sharing options in your campaign. Make your audience feel included in the latest trend that you are sharing. Encourage them to use and post using the hashtag on a variety of social media platforms.
  • Make it easy for your audience to unsubscribe – Do not try to hide the unsubscribe button in your email newsletter. It is better to have them unsubscribed rather than have you on their spam list.
  • Do not break your promises – If you promised to send one email per week then do not start sending more. You can give them options to change their subscription and get more emails from you but do not break your initial promises of sending out specific number of emails.
  • Send them the information that they needed to read on their email –  Emails are a great way to get more visitors and potential clients to your website but when running an email marketing campaign to increase product sales, your primary target is to achieve conversions of sales and not the visits.