Why should email marketing be a part of my marketing strategy?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to reach target customers. It is an old strategy but still effective for any small or large business. Every person login into the email address for many important works. Therefore, it has a big chance to open your email regarding any business offerings.

If you can create interest to your business product or service, you can expect a return. In fact, it is an easy way to get touch with your actual and potential customers. Moreover, you can also use the email marketing as a part of requesting feedback to your product or service.

Many people do not consider the email marketing because it is an old strategy. However, if you notice the number of users, you will surely grab the opportunity. You need to general leads to grabbing the email addresses. It will help to connect with your city people for your relevant offer and discounts.

There are some top benefits for which you should use email marketing as a part of marketing strategy:

More effective than social media

Social media is one of the best platforms for business strategy in the modern days. In fact, it is a good marketing strategy that can help to create brand awareness, connecting with people, making a good audience and relationship.

However, when it comes to converting the people into customer or member, email marketing is the best way. In fact, it will give the people a way to get the service or product. The users who open your email is likely to go through the service or offerings and become your customer.


Email marketing is inexpensive and cost-effective. You can send a large number of emails within a short time. Moreover, it cost almost nothing for each email. So, it is effective and cost-efficient than traditional advertisement methods like radio, TV or other ways.

Generally, you do not need to set up a personal campaign and talk with the authority for the advertisement. In fact, you can set up an email template with some information. Then, you can link to your website for customer acquisition.

Moreover, you can also increase your response rate using the ROI. It will filter the emails that click to your emails. As a result, you can connect with the email users and send them regular offers for getting high response rate.

Personal & Customizable

It is easy to send personal and customizable email to your audience. You can make a list and create a segment to give valuable information. As a result, your customer will find interest to open the email and get valuable information.

Whenever you are posting something on social media, everyone who is connected with you will get the news. As a result, it can be a wrong approach for marketing.

By using email software, you can send the emails and send it to the right audience only. You can make a list, trailer the message and send it. As a result, your audience will not become bored of getting information that they already knew.

Moreover, the audience will open the emails whenever you will send something valuable. It will make the emails not be listed as SPAM. So, it will create loyalty and trusted authority in the field.


As you can trailer the list, you can easily get the list of the emails who open the email regularly. Therefore, you can make a custom list of the audiences who are loyal to your brand.

So, you can make your email action oriented regarding your new product or services and drive the audience to your website. It will help to increase sales and create website value too.

Easy to measure 

Whenever you are running a marketing campaign, it is hard to realize the actual result. Often, you will forecast the effectiveness of the marketing depending on the sales.

When you are using email marketing as your marketing strategy, you will get complete information. As soon as you complete sending emails to the audience, you will get a dashboard on the software. You can easily see how many people read the email, how many clicks you have received, how many people visit your website and the way they have chosen, how many people unsubscribe to your email.

If you are not getting desired performance, there is something wrong in your email template. You need to create the design perfectly to get the attention to attain the maximum achievement. You will have a complete picture of your marketing campaign.

Less Time Consuming & Effective Result 

Because of mobile phones, the email marketing consumes less time to get the desired result. Now a day, almost everyone is using a smartphone and sign-in into the Google Gmail App.

Whenever anyone gets an email, the app will show a notification. Therefore, you are sending a notification to the audience’s mobile to check the email.

As a result, it will not take much time to get the result. The people will surely open the email because they hope to get something important. In fact, people who need email regularly always connect Gmail App in the smartphone. So, it is a huge opportunity to get maximum conversation rate.

Longer Life Span 

What’s the lifespan of your marketing campaign? If you are using a Radio advertisement, people who are listening will get the information. For Social Media posts, people will get the news nearly 6 hours in the newsfeed. Then, the newsfeed will be filled with updated information.

Email is different from others. Whenever you send an email, it will always be in the user’s inbox. If the user is not using email for a long time, it will remain in the inbox. As a result, the user will get the email whenever he/she login after a long time. So, you can expect the result for inactive audiences after the completion of the marketing campaign too.


These are the basically the reason of including email marketing in your marketing strategy. You should never avoid the marketing strategy just because it has become old.