How Every Women Should Own a Side Business


In today’s blog, we wanted to focus on women in business. So to all my single ladies, married ladies, relaxed ladies, and everyone in between, this one is for you. The world loves woman, and we especially love woman who are in business. But if you are not in business, here are some questions to ask yourself before you jump into this crazy life as an entrepreneur:

Women Entrepreneurs:

  • Why is it beneficial for a woman to do business?
  • How does running a business give empowerment to a women?
  • What does running a business do to me?
  • How will I be able to be there for my family?
  • What will others think?

These questions and so much more run through the minds of women who are on the line of jumping into the ocean of uncertainty. It’s a subject that’s discussed and bantered in each social circle throughout the course of time. Regardless of age, practically everybody we know who has a solid perspective on life and business gave us a handful of conclusions.

These point of views come from women of all background, cultures, color, and social class – whether it’s a neighbor’s grandma to our own mothers here at EntrepreNEW to a relative to work companions to business associates to distant cousins. So we asked others and ourselves this question, “Why are women entrepreneurs needed?” Here are some great reasons that we both uncovered and discovered:

  • You gain—Money, time freedom, and flexibility are a huge part amongst the most vital variables that impact the quality of a lady’s life. Who wouldn’t want a few more bucks to go shopping and get that special purse you’ve been eyeing since last year at Christmas time. But seriously, money only does so much. It’s really the time freedom and flexibility that a woman gains and so desires to have.
  • You are a better mother—It is proven that mompreneurs give quality time to their children in ways that moms who don’t have a business or side hustle don’t give. You might be asking, “Where is this actually proven?” Well let’s take a look. This article isn’t about just owning a formal business, but even having a side business that makes you some extra money. We know of so many women who have learned the art of giving undivided attention to what’s right in front of them. These mothers we’ve talked with who have families and businesses talked about treasuring the time you get with their little ones because of the fact they have to give their time to their business affairs. So if you are a mother, then indulging yourself in a side business will have a positive impact on your child’s life. They get to see mom in a new light that might inspire them to be a little entrepreneur.
  • You learn—Learning is one of the foundational columns of life, and the sky is only the beginning when you realize owning a side business can fulfill your dreams.
  • You have your very own character—Owning your own side business creates connections and affiliations like other things in life wouldn’t do. There’s no telling how fearless you world have not become and what kind of self-esteem you wouldn’t have if you didn’t own your business. 
  • You become an amazing boss and influencer in life—As every working woman knows, you know the most important thing is how people are cared for. This is obviously learned at home, on the household front. So when it comes to home duties, such as driving/cooking/cleaning and so on, you put your heart into it because you want others to know you care for them and care for the details. When you own a business and grow to become an influencer, you give a chance to more ladies to work with you and feed off your energy. It will inspire other ladies to become an entrepreneur, and you make a huge impact to enhance the life of every one around you.

All in all, you are a much better and confident woman at the end of the day when you own a business. It doesn’t matter how long you work, where you work, what you select as your business, and how you carry it. What all matters is that you start a side business and get to work. Who knows, you might have the next family business and dynasty that can shape the future of our country. You gotta think big.

There are many famous women entrepreneurs who can act as a source of inspiration for you. The reality is that it’s not easy to be an entrepreneur, a mompreneur, but it is necessary for every woman to go after and develop her side business (no matter how small it is). So ladies, put on your heels, put your hair back, and get to work in changing your life and shaping your young ones to be all that they can be. How? Because the see their biggest influencer in life showing that it can be done. Go do it. We believe in you.