How Facebook Live Videos are Great for Your Business


Facebook launched the live video feature on April of 2016 and since then a lot of people are on a frenzy about it! According to Facebook, they created the live video feature because people love watching videos and live is the best way to have a clear interaction between the viewers and the host or the one conducting the video in real time.

Also, Facebook gives priority to live videos by placing the live videos on top of the News Feed and by creating a Facebook live map wherein your live video will be posted in an interactive map that shows live video streams that viewers’ can tune into in real-time. The comments will also be shown on which part of the video they were placed after it’s been published, this will help the host to understand the comments and suggestions of the viewers. You may check out the Facebook live map here:

So, how is it great for your business?

Facebook Live video is like a free gem in a video game because it helps you advertise and market your product for free! It has tons of benefits for your business; let me break that down for you:

  1. It will help you understand what your prospective clients think about your product or business in general.
  1. It will help you improve marketing your product or it will help you think of ways on what to improve on by taking note of the viewer’s ideas.
  1. Clear up any misconceptions about your business and by having a more detailed and understandable introduction of your product or business by interacting with the viewers in real time.
  1. It will also help you gauge how your product or business is going by checking the viewers’ reactions.
  1. While your current Facebook followers are updated with your business through your posts in News Feed; live videos will help you boost their awareness for new updates of your product because Facebook sends notifications to your followers whenever you are conducting a live video.
  1. Your video will be featured on the Facebook live map, which will give you a high chance of acquiring viewers from different parts of the world.

What’s even great about using the Facebook live video is it’s super easy to use! The concept in using the live video feature is simple and user friendly enough to make it easy for everyone to use. If you’re not set up in using the live feature, here’s a link to help you be more comfortable in using it: If this article still haven’t convinced you about how great the Facebook live feature is for your business, check out the list of successful businesses that use this feature almost everyday here: At present times, venturing in Facebook live video as a form of online marketing is a good investment. Considering the web traffic of Facebook alone, it magnifies the number of audience that you can have. Looking out for Facebook new features alone for organizations and businesses is also a good strategy in marketing.