How can I use social media marketing to make more sales?

Social media marketing has been considered as one of the best ways to generate more sales in past years. Because of the regular activity on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, people are adopting the marketing strategy.

As people are active in social media, it is a good idea to divert them into your business. There are certain ways that can help to generate more sales. You need to give time to get a result and it will show a dramatic sales change in your business.

If you want to use social media marketing, you can get more sales through the ways. Make sure you design the web pages and posts properly to get the attention. People may leave your promotional page within a second if they don’t like it.

Lead Generation 

Lead generation is the best way to increase sales. It will work indirectly to reaching the customer and get sales. Using funnel platform, you can easily get good quality leads. Social media will help to generate a long list of valuable leads. You can use the leads for future marketing too! By using the following methods, you can easily generate leads:

  • Special Offers: A freebies offer is the best way to get leads. You can offer 50% discount on the price. The people will love to have the product if they needed. However, you can make a funnel to fill some basic information to get the special offers.

Depending on your requirement, you can make the list that people are needed to fill. As a result, you will get a good number of leads that you can use later.

  • Polls & Surveys: Instead of asking people what’s wrong, you should create a poll or survey. It will give you information how people are using your product, what’s the perception of people using the product and more.

Landing Page

A landing page is another way to drive traffic and increase your sales. Now a day people do not like to leave social media websites to purchase. Therefore, it will become an irritating thing to go through several pages to make an order for your product.

A good landing page reduces the process. You can use a landing page to represent your platform or a specific product. Therefore, the people can click on the ad and directly go to the purchase option. As a result, it will save time and people will become more interested in buying products from you.

You need to create an attractive and action-oriented landing page for the products. Make it promotional and informative for your business product. As a result, the customers will find something valuable to buy the product.

  • Promoting New Product: You can use a landing page for a new product. You have launched a new product in the market. So, you need to create an informative and attractive landing page. Make sure the landing page tells people it will solve the problem and encouraged to click to buy.
  • Personalized Promotion: You can also use a landing page for a personalized network. When you are using Facebook, it can connect the pixels of previous records. So, you can use the pixels for an ad and get more response for increasing sales.

Basically, the landing page will give a quick access to order your service or product. Therefore, you need to create value, attraction and encourage people to buy. Moreover, your post should be good enough that the visitors go to the page.

In addition, your landing page should not force the users to leave the social site at all. However, the audience will lose the interest to have a look at the services.

Brand awareness

Creating brand awareness is an important marketing strategy. It will always increase your sales within a short time. Your audience should know about your business, your products, and services. Therefore, raising brand awareness will help to know more about the products and its quality.

Using social media can help to create brand awareness. However, there are certain things that you need to consider.

  • Find the right market: It is easy to find a targeted market in the social media websites. You can search by the geographical location to get the market. Then, you can connect with the people and start a conversation. Moreover, you should find the people who are talking about the same niche. It indicates they are interested in the topic and you can connect with them.
  • Make it manageable: It is important to make time for managing the social media accounts. Instead of managing accounts on every social media website, you should choose one or two.

You need to talk with your connections, update the status, pictures, and other information. As a result, it will take time if you want to manage every website. Therefore, you should choose the social media sites wisely to create brand awareness.

  • Get visual: Instead of giving promotion status or news, you should use visuals. When you will post picture or video, it will get the attention of the audience. People may not read your status. However, an image can easily grab the attention of your audience. Therefore, you need to make an eye catchy image for attention.
  • Be conversational: There are many business owners who want to get the attention. Therefore, you need to be different from others for attention. You need to improve your level of engagement with the audience. It will make them realize that they are important for you. Be conversation rather than providing a direct message. It will always give good result to your brand.


If you want to use social media for increasing sales, you can use our mentioned ways. Our methods will help to make more sales and become a popular businessman in a short time. Make sure you give enough time to maintain the social media accounts. In addition, you need to be quick to respond to any inquiry. It will encourage the audience towards your business.